Who Needs Estate Planning? I’m Not Rich!
In a nutshell: anyone who owns property that matters to them and anyone with a minor child.

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The EZ Estate Documents software will ask you a series of questions and guide you through the process with state law specific questions that will provide you with a personalized and legally sufficient living trust or will (or both) that you can have confidence in.

If you are still unsure, you can have one of our attorneys review it for you.  Our goal is to make estate planning affordable, efficient and ensure that everyone has access to their own estate plan instead of what your state has decided for you.

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What, Exactly, Is Estate Planning?

A common misconception is that estate planning is only for the rich but that couldn’t be further from the truth.  There are no minimum property requirements such as owning a home or having tons of money in the bank (or under your mattress).  The key question to ask yourself is whether you own any property that you want to go to a specific person or organization when you die.  If the answer is yes, then you need to create a plan that will make sure your desires are carried out.  Don’t rely on your state’s plan for your property!  It may not go where you want it to.

Creating an estate plan is assembling a group of documents that will provide legal and binding guidance to those that survive you, telling them exactly how you would like your estate distributed.  An estate is the sum of all your worldly belongings that you own on the day that you transition to your next adventure.

There are many different vehicles that comprise estate planning but the two most popular are a living trust (also known as a revocable trust) and a last will and testament.  Through a trust, you can achieve many different estate planning objectives.

A living trust can be used as a way of protecting assets or avoiding probate tax for your beneficiaries.   By using a living trust for estate planning, you can take some of the stress off your loved ones in their time of grief and know that your estate planning made a difficult time easier and you also left things as you desired instead of how your state law dictates.

As an attorney, I often consult with clients who did not anticipate and prepare for unexpected situations.  Whether it’s an unexpected financial situation or otherwise, the common denominator is that they were not prepared for the situation and its consequences.  When a crisis hits and you are still here – you can handle it.  You can take care of your loved ones by seeking legal counsel and  fixing the problem.  The only area where that doesn’t work so well is in estate planning.

An estate planning crisis occurs because you are usually not around to take care of it.  The solution is to be proactive in the solution and prepare for it before it happens. The way to prepare for it is through estate planning.

Most people don’t realize that everyone has an estate plan!  Either you went to an estate planner, did your own estate planning through an interactive online service, such as this one, or you have the estate plan that was drafted by your legislature in your state statutes.  Estate planning by your state’s intestate statute is definitely not the way that you should plan to leave your possessions to your loved ones!

If funding a trust sounds too complicated for you, then you can replace your state’s last will and testament with your own by drafting your own personalized last will and testament with our easy interactive online estate planning software. Our interactive software is attorney prepared and used by attorneys to prepare expensive estate planning documents for their clients.  Now, you can use the same interactive software that the estate planning attorneys use at a fraction of the cost.

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Prepare your own legal estate planning documents, wills, and trusts and save hundreds of dollars.